Effect of Gender Roles and Stereotypes on Dating

If you had access to a time machine and decided to go back 30 years ago you’d find yourself in a very strange environment. Not only will you see a difference in the big things such as technology but the more subtle things might also surprise you.

Dating ideas and practices gradually change from one generation to the next. And one of the biggest changes involves the general ideas of the impact of both gender roles and stereotypes.

Expectations brought by gender roles

Most people looking for a relationship have a particular expectation. It doesn’t matter if you use a dating service to find single women and men online or cancel the middleman and do it yourself, the bottom line is that you are looking for something out of it. Expectations in a relationship are definitely influenced by gender. If you are a lady, you probably want your male partner to be able to do particular things you expect them to do and vice-versa.

For example, the male role as the provider has been considered the norm for a long time. In fact, many cultures around the world consider the man as the provider or the fixer while women have a more passive role as the keeper of the family. Although such expectations still exist, there is a substantial group of people who are beginning to ignore such roles. In the modern couple, both or all parties are expected to show the following:
● Intelligence
● Strong mentality
● Empathy
● Hard work

Expectations brought by stereotypes

What does your ideal relationship look like? If you visit an online dating site you will definitely run into multiple single women and men whose idea of the perfect relationship differs from yours. This is because people are different and picture their relationships in completely unique ways.

Once you have cultivated your own version of an ideal relationship, you will be able to use that information to treat your significant other. Gender stereotypes exist. They are basically general ideas about how a particular group of people in a relationship behave. These groups include all masculine, all feminine, all trans, and cis-gender groups. Here are important features of such stereotypes:

  • The majority of such stereotypes stem from tv shows, popular magazines, articles, etc.,
  • Not all stereotypes are considered negative,
  • Relief many individuals of their natural behavior in a relationship,
  • You are never aware that you are following a particular gender stereotype,
  • Stereotypes are used to create a picture of the perfect relationship.

Expectations brought by gender roles and stereotypes can have a harmful effect on any relationship. This is mostly because it forces people to match certain goals set for them by society. That being said, If you are looking local singles and online dating service can get you the closest thing to a perfect relationship. You stand a better chance of meeting your expectations through a like-minded individual.

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