5 Tips For Successful Dating

Going on a date is fun, but isn’t always a cakewalk. Problems can creep up on you, especially on people new on the dating scene. Trying an online dating service is one way to be successful. In fact, online dating is the best way to start.  It’s so much easier, without any of the hassle that comes with conventional dating. A few easy taps on the keyboard and you have a long list of people to choose from, or better yet, sign on to a dating website set the filters, and see only the best results!

Few tips that might come in handy when dating

Be yourself

As clichéd as it might sound, it really is the best advice anyone can give. Given the false perceptions of beauty that have been perpetuated, people try to advertise themselves as to fit the stereotypes and not who they are. In such a scenario, honesty and naturalness m is highly valued.   When you are your true self, it helps the other person to become more comfortable towards you, hopefully leading to better things. And obviously, if you’re as you are, it means lesser shocks and surprises and hiccups are likely to pop up.

Be open-minded

Pre conceived notions set up a prejudice in our minds and our brains become non receptive to other ideas, more often than not causing baseless disagreements. When on a date, keep an open mind and listen to what the other person is saying. Show interest. It will help them o open up to do and do the same, that is, listen to what you say with keen interest. It also helps you determine whether your likes and dislikes match up or not.

Expect awkwardness

It’s a goal to have a perfect date. Very confident and easy flowing conversation, laughter and what not. But, it is reality that both parties do often get jittery on the first date, or initial couple of dates. One must be prepared for such things. It helps to ease the other person, if their partner doesn’t freeze up, not knowing what to do, or just become plain rude, as some do. Have a conversation starter ready.  All your usual ones, movies hobbies, work etc. work wonders.

No games please

People have a habit of portraying themselves to be something else, in order to grab more attention or even impress their date. But that’s not the way to go. One must be honest and say who they are. Going into a relationship with both their eyes open give power to the partner to deal with issues that may come up, but them not knowing the truth about their partner, is a sure shot breakdown.

Just have fun

When on a date, keep it fun and easy. Try and relax the environment. Awkward moments are endearing in Hollywood scripts, and not in real life (with due respect to the exceptions) Have fun, chill out and relax. It is only when you’re in this state that you get to know the other person in the best way. To get the best first date experience be sure to check these tips by Vanesa Van Edwards.

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