Enjoy Valentine 2019 On A Budget

While online dating is definitely a cost effective way of hooking up with single women, Valentine Day calls for something special. An actual date with your dream woman! Of course, one of the biggest concerns of a man in February is his budget, because after all, the Valentine Day can be expensive. While it can be a pricey affair there are some low cost options that keep you, your wallet and most importantly your girl happy too!

A few ways to economise

Look for digital wallet offers

We live on electronic transactions today. Almost nobody carries wads of cash around with them, it’s a sleek leather card holder or sometimes not even that, just the phone. Well, it turns out this comes with an advantage. Companies have cash backs and some really nice offers open this time of the year, check them out. Movie tickets, restaurant tables, even the sweet romantic get-away, all of it can be done, without you sweating over the cost of entertaining your girl.

 Try going offbeat

Dinner dates, movie nights are all great ideas, but they’ve become too common and mainstream. Do something out of the box, unusual. A morning jog and then lovely breakfast, a bottle of wine, you two, a tent, a crackling fire on top of a hill, or many other things that can be even more o memorable and yet not burn a hole in your wallet!

Check the latest credit/debit card offers

Always check for offers and tie ups your credit card company has with places. A lot of companies have a special discount rate if you eat at say fine dining restaurant X. DO exactly that. It’s a high end place that you two have been talking of going to, but never gotten to it, worrying about the price tag, Well, now’s the perfect time to do it!

Look for couple’s offers

Everyone knows the importance of these days and so they make it special too. A lot of places have couple discounts, Spas, Massages, Dance lessons, even wine tasting. Granted that they may be rather unconventional, but who cares, as long as the two of you enjoy the day and each other’s company, it’s all good. And besides, you never know, you might find something you both love, a new passion.

Last but not the least

Wait for prices to drop

If a weekend getaway is your thing, make sure you check off options one and two listed here, but if that is still a wee bit out of your budget, enjoy a night in with a home cooked meal and some wine, and go on your romantic weekend the weekend following the big V day. By now the prices have climbed back down to the earth from the seventh heaven and you and your darling can have your ‘own time’ away from family, friends, work and all of the hullabaloo that comes with it, just you, your girl and lovely times.

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